Blog 9 | Immersed

Finally able to listen to my album for the first time. Finally being able to experience my own work rather than be immersed in the process of creating it, And finally I get to feel the satisfaction that comes along with capturing an emotion; encapsulating a world in a piece of music, and pages of lyrics. And the songs are beginning to burn themselves into my mind now, attaching themselves to the times I’m living, to the drives I make, views I have, the people in my life; it all melts into the ocean of my subconscious and the songs act as a net resting under the sand ready to pull all of the memories back up to the surface anytime I hear it, as fresh as they were when they were first immersed in the water; wed to the stimulus. And it’s… weird when it’s your own music. You hear yourself as a different person. It’s you but its not. A lot of this album was very autobiographical. I put such pressure on myself to create quickly that I had to look to my day to day for inspiration, because it was the most easily accessible, and those experiences spawned the stories and then the ideas and themes behind them that now shine through in the music and lyrics of the album “Worlds”. And so I have captured a world. In each song, in each verse I capture a moment and Each moment is its own little world. There’s a great Lewis Carroll quote, “I cannot go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.” With all the creation I am asking of myself, I hope to tell the story of each of my selves each day as I grow into a different and greater person, so that I might be able to look back and chat with all the selves of my yesterdays; all of the characters I once was.