Blog 17 | Jaded

There’s a stereotype that cynicism is a mark of intelligence. That jadedness is correlated with smarts, and blissfulness is a sign of ignorance. This is a dangerous mold to fall into, and perpetuates a cycle of thinking that isn’t healthy for anyone involved. There is beauty flourishing around us all the time, most of us are steeped in luxury and good fortune when we step back and consider all things. Its all perspective, but what good does a perspective cloaked in sadness do, if it’s no more objectively true than it’s opposite.

Im back on track, I was in Arizona helping a loved one graduate on to a new chapter. I feel as fulfilled and rejuvenated as ever, and anxious to get back to my cycle of creation. I see the people around me starting to follow, and imitate. and it invigorates me even further to dive all the way back in and continue moving forward.