Blog 35 | Reason & Passion

Balancing romanticism and momentum is the ultimate challenge! I fall in love with some of my pieces, but too much care seems to stagnate them. The more I become enamored with a creation the more I hesitate to mold and shape it. Like with molten glass, I have to act quickly to bend an idea into form before it cools and hardens. The initial heat of creation is the best time to roughly shape the piece, it can be revisited to add details and polish, but to try and rebend and reshape it at the later time is to risk fracturing all of it and destroying what was pure and beautiful about it. I have the potential to create good work at a furious pace. It’s in me, like a buried gem, my mind is at once the source and the obstacle of this potential. The carbon and the earth that pressures it into shape, that then needs to be removed to unearth the product. Creating and critiquing. They’re both necessary.
“For reason, ruling alone, is a force confining; and passion, unattended, is a flame that burns to its own destruction.” – Khalil Gibran
I’m still in beginning stages. I am mining real gems from the earth, but they’re still rough hued; they need so much polish and cutting. But I’m refining those skills and the day is coming where I’ll be able to unearth, clean, grind, cut and polish multitudes of diamonds, in one day. One day! I can see it, feel it, broiling in me I just have to keep practicing. I have solidified my purpose and found work that sets my soul ablaze, keeping it molten to shape for the world.