Blog 3 | Real Shit

The word ‘real’ gets thrown around a lot in pop culture.

“That shit is real, they’re the truth, they tell it how it is, they’re authentic.

And being real is a good look.

But what’s ‘real’ (in pop culture especially) has fuck all to do with the truth of what’s ‘real’, and everything to do with what the bigger mob of people agrees ‘real’ is.

There are cynics, intellects that profess to see all the falsehoods of society, who look on with haughty disapproval at trends, write things off as fodder for inferior minds; for ‘sheep’. Do you spend time trying to convince them that your truth is sound, your voice authentic? Are they really so much more intelligent than everyone else that they know what ‘real’ is? What’s authentic and what isn’t?

If you’re trying to influence pop culture, whom do you spend your time trying to convince?

Who’s the bigger mob.