Blog 55 | Time & Chaos

As children we need stability, we need consistency, we need a firm foundation to anchor our realities in, so that our spirit might take root and blossom. Environments are structured by our caretakers to accommodate those needs and provide necessary shelter from the outside world. As we grow older the walls of those environments begin to crumble, the stability they once offered becomes upset, and we must re-anchor in a new, uncontrolled environment. But what, in a turbulent world, can be relied upon as a source of stability; what constants can serve as solid bedrock to anchor our realities in?

It seems that the only constants in an ever changing world are the passing of time and the ubiquity of chaos. As far as we know, time is, and has always been, marching forward with indefatigable consistency. Chaos, while unpredictable in it’s manifestation, can be expected with absolute certainty to appear in one form or another. These are the only consistent footprints of all history. Steadfast parents of the cosmos, time and chaos are the reliable foundations upon which we can anchor our realities. With this consistency, comes reliability, Because of this, we can anchor our realities in them & be sure we’ve linked to sturdy bedrock.