Blog 44 | Getting Closer

Been immersed in building this site. Verging on being ready to produce content at a larger scale again, now that I have a place to house it. I am obsessed with capturing all of it. Documenting little nuances that make up the whole. From the annotations in books, to quotes I’ve found, to these thoughts: philosophical, musical, all of it. Capturing it makes it real. Making it accessible to more than myself makes me feel like I exist; like I’m whole. Without this chronicled somewhere I’m just a ghost, an inkling of a person, a whisper of an idea, but really nothing. The feeling has haunted me for near a decade. Journals were the first manifestation, then lyrics, studios, albums, connections, now this. But the urge, the necessity to give voice to whats voiceless preceded all of this. It preceded ‘Creation’. It preceded OLLO. OLLO is the vessel through which I now give form to feeling. This Site, like Chariot studio, is the physical manifestation of the spirit of OLLO.