Blog 68 | Daguerreotype

I hide myself from the world believing I should be a finished product before presenting myself. But, I’ve also embraced a belief that a worthwhile life is one of continual growth; indefinite becoming. If I maintain both of these beliefs I’ll remain in silence forever. If my life is to be a process of becoming for its entirety, by definition there can never be a finished product.

A photographers work isn’t judged by the beauty of what he photographs, but by how well he photographs it. This should be a framework to consider in the creation of your art, in the framing of your thoughts & feelings in your chosen mediums. Those thoughts and feelings are creatures in the wild, and like a photographer, my work is only to capture them, imprint them in whatever medium with clarity & precision.

When it comes to your art be less critical of the nature of the content, only of how well it’s been recorded. Make your images sharp, your expression concise, your emotions clear, in whatever medium you’re working in; once you’ve chosen the subject, don’t worry about it’s inherent beauty or lack thereof, only of capturing it precisely. Embrace this perspective with your art, with your writing, with your thoughts, with your journey. Art is a daguerreotype of the soul. And a soul has many shapes.