Blog 50 | Roots & Trees

Scythe Log 1603 | ⁠I am, and have always been, committed to mapping the roots of my growth, & believe that in doing so I might be more empowered to guide the shape of the blossom. I believe as deeply, even subconsciously, as anything that through understanding the roots of a thing, one can understand it’s nature, and thereby understand how influence or manipulate that nature. What has seemed to be a prevailing truth is that through understanding comes power. The first priority, the most empowering achievement, is to understand oneself. Knowing my past, noting the progression of my thoughts, tracking my influences, books, mentors, have all been exercises in understanding my roots; work that will, in theory, lead to the dominion over my vessel, so I might effectively steer it to the ends I aim to reach; so I might best guide the trajectory of my future.