Blog 21 | We Forget

It’s beautiful to see each of us settling into our paths. People beginning careers, people pursuing specialized education, people starting families. We are all still very much at the beginning of the rest of our lives, but it’s warming to watch peers solidify in the mold of their characters, however they came to be formed. I think we forget how young we are. And how long it takes to expand roots before a life can blossom.

A good example that puts into perspective the amount of time it takes to be set up in something is the vocation of Medicine. To even begin practicing medicine in the US you need 7 year of specialized education on top of other the time it takes to earn required perquisites for med school.

So many people’s professional lives can’t even begin until they’re close to thirty. But we expect ourselves to have everything figured out 10 years before then. We pressure ourselves to make the most lasting and significant choices that set the course for the rest of our lives when we are least capable of doing so. And once we fall into the current of the choices we make it can be difficult to change.