Blog 63 | The OllO Method

In an attempt to reach my greatest capacity as a creator, I’ve had to define what my objective goal is, and somehow quantify it in order to break down how to move forward and track my progress. But greatness is subjective, and seeing as the path to it is a lifelong pursuit it’s really not possible to look so far to the future and know what external circumstances will represent what success is. But still, one must have a goal, one must have a north star to reach towards, & one must refine a system; some structure around how to reach that end, some tool to map out the route to the north star. This necessity has led me to create such a system I’ll deem The OllO Method. The OllO Method of goal setting is one rooted in time allocation, not external factors of measurement. Through this method, one can define success in a moment, based on how one’s time is allocated rather than relying on external circumstances to define a goal. The criteria lie within, and lie moment to moment, depending on how one invests one’s only resource: their time. It is in this way one can measure their success based directly on their actions, further empowering one to control the framework of one’s life, & at once elevating the likeliness of achieving the sought after external measures of success. The Scythe Matrix is the main tool in the measurement of time— coupled with the OllO Method, any one can categorize, structure, and accomplish their goals, basing their north star in what is the ultimate goal, the allocation of time in efforts that lead to ecstasy and fulfillment.