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  • Blog 61 | Drafts

    This draft system is an attempt to sidestep the obstacle of my self esteem, progressing

  • Blog 58 | Painting

    A woman slits her wrist into a bowl. On the canvas before her red brushstrokes.

  • Blog 56 | Slaves

    With ignorance as chains and debt as the whip, the working class are functioning as

  • Blog 51 | The Dam

    With time back under my control and logistics in line for the foreseeable future, I’m

  • Blog 47 | Turbulence

    Time stops for no one. You navigate the current or drown. Uncertainty & the relentless

  • Blog 45 | Systems

    Systems. I like systems. Even in music, ever since marimba, it was the systematic approach

  • Blog 43 | BEER TEST

    WE ON THE APP MOTHER FUCKS, testing this out to see how functional posting from

  • Blog 42 | Irony

    When you tell your story, you’re characterizing your self. Where do you draw the line

  • Blog 41 | Spectrum

    The status quo is to feign happiness. But feigning it cheapens it’s meaning and value.

  • Blog 38 | Survive

    A child doesn’t learn to walk for nine months, doesn’t learn to speak for 18,

  • Blog 37 | A Tragedy

    I saw a video the other day that was unsettling. It was a comparison between

  • Blog 36 | Reify

    I learned an interesting term recently. Reification: making something real, bringing something into being, or

  • Blog 30 | Drowned

    I so quickly take for granted all of the pieces in place that allow me

  • Blog 27 | Ship in the Sky

    Moving forward through the wayward currents of the future calls for the simultaneous execution of

  • Blog 24 | Diamonds

    A creator’s work is to form, out of their spirit and experience, a diamond. But

  • Blog 22 | Wave

    To be a leader of culture and creation is to be a droplet on the

  • Blog 21 | We Forget

    It’s beautiful to see each of us settling into our paths. People beginning careers, people

  • Blog 20 | Have To

    Every creator is at the precipice of a frontier, and the infinite variables that make

  • Blog 19 | Icarian

    There is such a massive gap between the acceptance of the arts and the shunning

  • Blog 18 | Back Home

    I feel wonderful being home and in this space of creation. I am hashing out

  • Blog 17 | Jaded

    There’s a stereotype that cynicism is a mark of intelligence. That jadedness is correlated with

  • Blog 16 | Threshold

    When you workout the first time, your body goes into to shock. Your threshold to

  • Blog 15 | Out at Sea

    The journey of stepping out and going for these elusive ideals of success, fame, fortune,

  • Blog 13 | Roots

    We are our roots to an extent. To know the nature of our origin can

  • Blog 12 | No Risks

    Not so many thoughts as there are feelings. I am addicted to the feeling of

  • Blog 11 | Tempered

    There is a dichotomy in creation, especially in self-creation. To be constantly challenging yourself, and

  • Blog 9 | Immersed

    Finally able to listen to my album for the first time. Finally being able to

  • Blog 8 | Carry On

    Through internal discord, second-guessing, fear, carry on. Move. Create. The purpose of all of this

  • Blog 7 | Forged

    The more fury and pressure stacks up inside of me, the more suffering and pain

  • Blog 6 | I See It

    I see it all, The path for business is beginning to appear into my consciousness,

  • Blog 5 | Plant

    Some judgment is Healthy From our peers. Some. Hand rails on the ascent. An artist

  • Blog 3 | Real Shit

    If you’re trying to influence pop culture, who do you spend your time trying to

  • Blog 2 | Fear

    It feels good to finish something. I’m setting up my life to experience this every