iPhone (Prod. Ex.So)


All that I show
is off an IPhone
Off an iPhone
All that I show
All that I show
is Off an I Phone
off an iPhone
OLLO Verse 1:
Walkin Restless
Walkin restless
And OllO Present
Talkin epic I rock a setlist The product precious
A lot of questions go by inside of the brain
I work and strive for the gains and murder lines the page Yeah
Trevor fowler is sittin inside the chariot
Talking about his tatts, and underplayin his merits
We Makin flame in the summer we stay preparin
he got stock in me now so the winnins he get a share of it yeah
lead with vision speak in rhythms I’m makin cash
getting models to walk their dog up and take a snap
Im on the mall with a violin and a looper
And vinny and shinji too With their cannons those are my shooters
Yeah Yeah Yeah better than you
Our women come down to applaud and offer us food
got a girl on the phone, across the world on a boat
while I mob suburban alone while sippin a cold brew
yeah, yeah
I talk into microphones yeah, yeah
I’ve gotta have time alone yeah, yeah
Inside of my child hood home yeah, yeah
I rise and then Write a song
OLLO Verse 2:
Always moving Always movin No time to lose
But time to take for my brothers, talking on hikes with booze
We Go to boulder Reflecting on growin older
Disectin Moments of horror and stories I use as Writers Fuel
Gratitude is the thing that’s Liftin my attitude
…Daily practice is givin me strength to manage through the
Obstacles yeah, That and my coffee and plans
Dodging the punches and laughin and I drink a gram every afternoon
Yeah Yeah Better than them
Stay true to the vision and start Whatever the end
creation logos I'm takin the stage with vocals
I'M makin it on the local And doin it all with friends
Yeah yeah
I talk into microphones Yeah yeah
I’ve gotta have time alone Yeah yeah
Inside of my child hood home Yeah yeah
I rise and then write a song