Illuminati (Feat. Hallie Spoor)

Illuminati (Ft. Hallie Spoor)
Album: Mobilize


Verse 1:
And I go with it
IM a gold winnin
Rougue with it
And I sew writtens
Into slow rhythms
Then I grow with it
leave nothing omitted
Eyes closed and im Focusin
and Let the chips fall
where they may
But if you give me a hand
I aint foldin it
You start but you don’t finish Don’t finish
This beat got my Soul in it
and the key to Show business
Is make sure that you show business
so I show my cards and open my heart up all the way
im just like Cheguevara share my wealth, socialist ha
but the giving is getting costly
im takin a sip of coffee
Inspiration kisses softly
Im with you drinkin chianti
used to get lit with Chauncey
you cover one eye in photos
you think you’re illuminati
So tell me all of your secrets
say um slowly and tease it
…Give me all of the reasons
You leave your heart there in pieces
You Gave up on faith and feelins
…..say that you hit your ceilin
I pray that you don’t belive it
You’re greater than you can see its just …
Chorus (2X):
They walk but They don't see the way
they talk but don't know what to say
Yeah, And Im so different
than I was, my souls driven
sole mission the bold vision
and I made enough plans time to go get it
insecurity a cold prison
used to overthink but now im prolific
and These words got my soul in it
but this shit never ghost written
Do it all (Do it All)
you Need flow who do you call
you Need pro tools for the job
You need growth you hit up Josh You hit up Josh
You hit up OllO
Beast mode and the music evolved
Light speed man you at a crawl
I scheme while you at the bar
creation is the view on the wall
….I Got music and writtens
….You change colors like litmus
….swear you’re basic and acidic
Eat away at me at picnic
Still I got you on wishlist
All I wants you for Christmas
You want white fence with pickets
I want white benzes and ….
but my journeys fulfillin
this a story for our children
Cuz Whats the point of livin
If there aint no point of interest
the view is of us winnin
im the pupil of the vision
I love you and I love this and
If you trust me we can win cuz im the
Chorus (4X)