White Murals

White Murals (Prod. Ex.So)
Album: Mobilize


Chorus (2X):
I im in the studio with black walls and white murals...
Im in the studio with
dark beats and bright girls...
aint it beautiful to come and be in my world...
custom studio with black walls and white murals...
Verse 1:
I pour up bottles of vino
won the lotto like reno
Michael Jackson with tito Stitch in the fabric lilo
Young goon in a peacoat
Empty clips and I reload
Got Fired across from chicos
I don’t take it back no repo No
movin forward, hit the bros up and mobilize
Vinny mccomb with photos we take and then posterize
Logos so loco, joco been scheming since up in boco
Since Livin with papa oso when they thought my name was OllO (What?)
You say it ollo, O-l-l-O, OllO
Leader who never follow Full of the soul they hollow
Holllow like all these bottles Of champagne with the models
She said wow this is good, aha but its really not tho (Shit is cheap)
But I aint buy for taste, i'm buyin it for effect
I stay lit cause lack of heat is a mortal threat
I’m all the way fuckin in im never that More or less
Type of dude I pick and choose a path and ignore the rest
Chorus (2X)
Verse 2:
Now I'm in California with dawkins Drinkin rum on the dock with him
Then drivin red mazda into Santa fuckin monica
then rollin through Compton And bumpin Kendrick lamar and
Just Tryin to get a feel for the Truth behind his Accomplishments
… mobbin to colleges, Went to ucla
Hopped the fence to the field and played soccer with asian babes
always Chasin adventure that’s Fueled by a type of rage
Livin as if we don’t give a shit if we die today
On some heavy goon shit This A deadly duo bitch
Take a chance on this latin rapper I got the jugo bitch
Givin It Shit flippin the script Like a judo trick
And my Avatar The fucking flame prince Zuko bitch
(now the) Fuckery abounding Im in love with a thousand
people got um surrounding, Now the Intrest compounding
And everyone Eyein this Im the Defiant kid
OllO Leviathin Sit on my throne When I am in the
Chorus (2X)
Verse 3:
Now Im on off, non-stop Silent before the Bomb drop
The habanero hotsauce, Drinkin mocha with quadshot
The think im on yaya Na na I flow like vinyasa
I Namastay Snappin Lala That Goddess lady go gaga for me yeah
Im bout to sacala sacala No Gossipers
Im piccasso brushin The geyser Gushin Fire Eruptin
...and I am disruptin with my team, Sendin and scheming
This aint a means to an end, This an ends to a meanin
And Now Look at what I have done I Booked with rise and I run
I took the time to become Rising Sun the Light and the Love
Im the titan that crushes the tightest to touch it risin above it
I keep um smiling and blushin' give my life and my love cause
so many dead already no soul inside of their body
Resident evil im destined to beat out all the zombies
I’m goin insane, I don’t delay I stoke the flame
And now I’m leading my army through the river of broken chains
Chorus (1X)
Alt. Chorus(1x)
Im in the studio with black walls and white murals
With the most beautiful artist here in the wide world
I mean I asked for inspiration and God He sent a babe
You can Follow her on insta the handle is @KendallPaints