Too Soon (Ft. Chauncey)

Too Soon (Ft. Chauncey)
Album: Mobilize


Chauncey Verse:
Goin through the real,
I reminisce and forget
Im Copin with the The Evils
don’t Let um sit on my chest
And life is going fast,
I look away then its gone
So Now I keep my eye on it write the shit in a song
That’s why I got the lasik, need to be seein clearly
Appreciate my angels,
and watch for the
Demons near me
Blessed with new perspective and grateful I get to Let the pen
go, and know I'll be the one speakin the sentences
Yeah……and in the the foreign I sit
….Views from the 5 series beamer with the tint
….Have a couple drinks then we leave you with a hit
When me and Josh hit the stu we still scheme on Iliff
And I live….. and my life goes in one direction
Forward, i'm progressin, We’re mad men with the lessons
don draper finessin, helping josh with the setlist
Add this song to the album and Nigga never forget it mobilize
*Phone Rings*
'Yo wants up'
'Hey man...
Its Too Soon
Its Too soon
Its always gonna be too soon
Theres a new moon
The goons Looms
But its still too soon
Always gonna be too soon
*voice machine
OLLO Verse:
I get a Call in the am, awake (Hey Man) dawkins is shook
Caught up in chaos, all I say is chauncey you’re good
We need to be logical, ignore the conscience that’s pullin
Till we get past these obstacles, we’re matrix dodging bullets
Perspective is everything is what I’ve been learnin lately
Whether for good or for bad, what happens is what you make it
Give this another week, another month maybe
and after long wont be the only thing that’s Faded
I'm 23 with a hundred schemes in the works
brushin the feelins aside if they do not please me or serve
I audit thoughts if theyre taxing and have no meaning or worth
If it doesn’t move me forward, then that bitch is getting curved
rooted in darkness, this beat was made in Elation.
justify either one just Dependin on how I frame it
And So you master the lighting, Manipulate the shadows
Its like the picture don’t matter If you just switch up the angles
Angel and demon I know the rage and the peace
I’ve hated vehemently, and I’v loved the most deep
Capable of all and at the greatest of peaks
Even in Caterin dreams, Im both a slave and im free
I want the power snatch, so I keep my shoulders locked
the phase of life where you mix the whisky with soda pop
and I'm, Warm and Honest… Cold and heartless
Dialectic, I write these letters and post um from my office yeah
*Phone Rings*
'Whats up man'
'Whats Gucci Louis Prada?'
Chorus (2X)