Better Days


Better Days On the block
in a sweater days,
Peddle off in
the smell of rain
when you thought you would never age
Better days Not caught up with the cheddar days
When the law didn’t
pester me
Days you thought they would never fade
Better days when I wasn’t stuck with these
troubles that fuck with me
Better days when I could put trust in the people I had
Better days when I wasn’t wondering, if the girl under me’s
really in love Or if Im a piece in her plan
But (shit) these years go by quicker now all the bigger we get
Now my Christmas is spent alone with a list of regrets
Now the kids that I know change with the different trends
I just descend into this and find peace in Hittin the set
Cause these times are a changing now people lie to your face And
Tie up your name in paper just so they can sign you away
Homies ride till the grave, until the ride isn’t paved
She’ll tell you love is forever then sell that diamond for change
back in simpler times before these cynical eyes
There wasn’t shit to decide we were just livin our lives
I miss the days when ceilins were high and dreams were in sight
And you didn’t have to pick a disguise to fit in and survive
…..But that’s the way it goes see it in all the vacants
Those people could be amazing but most have taken some breakin blows
Now its like just being yourself makes you a renegade.
So Send it, but never forget about the better days
Time flies now the kid’s up all night singin...
Now the sidewalks clean none of the fences lean I’m thinking...
And memories decease but they can breathe in these lines...
And time flies hope the kids are all right...
Better days back before there were recipes
How to control your destiny
Never needed to hesitate
Better days For I had to play hella games
Love was easy to demonstrate
Trust was easy to generate
Better days Back when mom made the lemonade
Sister wasn’t the enemy
Gave a fuck bout a resume
Fun was easy to generate
Bb guns and acetalyne
People were there to ventilate
For I knew that the pleasure fades
It used to be
that the time we spent in the streets
With the bikes the friends and the schemes
was the type that let us be free
I was the kid who would
find adventure in things
and could ride through Denver and think with a
Mind as fresh as the wind
But Now I live in a world where you take out federal loans
To fuck ephemeral hoes and run from the pressures at home
Pass out in lectures and zone out whenever proffesors drone
Where there are people every where but you can bet your alone
And now its part of me takin over the heart of me
Stainin all of my arteries along with liquor and partying
Same old need for adrenaline, reckless ways we chase that
Now we say that we’re Sending it but it don’t feel the same as
when the trees were inviting when the lease wasn’t tying
And the police weren’t trying to get us when leavin the hyatt
….Maybe we’re acting reckless cuz we’re trying to resuscitate
Them feelings we used to get back in the better days
I haven’t been over to shinji's place in too long
I'm walking right up to it now make sure you take your shoes off
This house was freedom, especially after his dad would leave
And all you knew was playstation, fireworks, and trampolines
...Outside in lodo reminiscin on different times
Sittin with different drinks and Smiles behind Glistening eyes
Laughin on how we used to think about chicks in our lives
Never considerin fuckin just a kiss was the prize
Now The future’s loomin over us deadlines are fast approachin
and soon as the student loans are up then I'ma have to go in
Lewis and clarkin it probably doomed from the start with it
Pray the music go far if I put the truth and the heart in it
This to Comemorate the better days celebrate um on center stage
Then meditate on gettin straight, better days lay ahead of me
Guess Some things never change, teams still riding with me
Just now its not on the bikes, now we’re ridin the beat
I write these words for my peers and for all the girls in my years
For any person that cheered before all the curtains appeared
Puttin a curve in these lyrics so that Im worth an appearance
So you can perfectly hear it and maybe merge with my spirit
But insecurity’s here,,,,,,, I'm learnin to fear it
biggest hurtle to clear is getting so hurt by the mirror
And dear im workin to clear it im sure you can hear it its jerkin my tears
my turns almost here, I put the verses in gear...