Even Lady liberty is a prostitute
if your pockets huge,
That’s how the law is used to prosecute a lot of dudes,
Or let off the hook the monsters who have
shot and ruined
Lives of people just cause their skin is tinted
a darker hue
This comes from a kid whos talkin through the
walls of booth
…it’s possible my honest views are partly skewed

but look at history and all the books written by conscious few
they show that America always been a racist cop that shoots
But US just reflect the things a human heart will do
Like slaughter jews or droppin nukes, or shots from roof
If god was true he’d probably let a comet cruise
Across the universe and smash into the planet to stop the goons
These just the thoughts that bloom every time that I watch the news
Or when I pay to have a fetus sucked through scarlet tubes
The world is not exactly what they taught us dude
This just an artists view, sittin scarred and scrawlin tunes
I am warden the bars imprison darker truths
I am the storming, the hardest wind that scars the room
I am the Mornin the star from which you chart the blu
Seems to be a theme in holly wood and all our favorite dramas
That no matter what the plot or story bad guy has to always loose
…and this is taught to you for all your lives in all your schoolin
From the day you drop from womb and you forget it’s not the truth
….Every fuckin spot you look theres solid proof…
Us IS one of the greats and how’d we play the game to top the stoop?
…Dropped a deuce on all the tombs of choc and Sioux
became a super power when the bomb on Nagasaki blew
Bartered bodies black and bruised for when the harvest spawned anew
then Autumn swooped in calm and cool with rotten fumes of bodies strewn
Where were Karma, god and truth, when cotton bloomed and profits grew
And a darker fruit, caught the noose and dropped its juice on poplar roots
…Darker roots of power but how the gardens grew
Seem to flourish when nourished with blood, death and scarlet wounds
…if we’re on top of the game so what’s that say bout all the rules
…you play pussy then you’ve probably gotten screwed
in a Dog eat dog world… U.S. is fuckin marmaduke
If good prevails and love wins then why we need more bombs than you
Maybe cause we know that what we've done you all could plot it too
….and aint no telling what the fuck a hungry dog will do
… God and all the rules been props we use like Cosby’s lewds
…Put you to sleep so we can and rape and sodomize your crew
history’s victors so often prove there are no rules
but the picture painted for us stays distorted like Picasso muse
This darkness isn’t all the view that OllO muses on in booths
I'm optimistic too come on I'm tryna make songs for loot
…but that’s just not the mood that’s throbbin through my heart to you
The Darkness looms, bottled fumin heart as dark as onyx jewels
….Been reading Tony Robbins he’d say these are thoughts I choose
To focus on unconscious doin it…im sure thats partly true
…but what is also true no matter how I want to view it
Theres Still kids that’ll starve for food, still killins in caracas too …
Still plots to be droppin nukes, still shots that’ll rock the schools
Still daughters who abuse their moms sisters brothers and fathers too
…Hes right that belief can be the seed of lots of good
…But we have to water views with truth to watch um bloom
…but lots of goons will talk the good but not the truth
Talk just what their taught to spew like a bunch of fuckin cockatoos
I’m sick of these frauds… with their positive dogma bullshit
…Type to slap a band aid on a fuckin tumor’n call it good
…I want all the truth bad or good dark or beautiful
Even if its hard to view don’t dull the pain like pharmaceuticals
…doctor who wants to sooth has gotta aknowledge wounds..
and we’re the surgeons here’s the hurtin what do we got to do
We’re responsible for all the bull in all the news
We chart the future, shit is not in gods hands, its in the palms of humans
...so let this college ruled sonnet fuel the darker views
…to make it possible to see the light and follow through