Hold Us (Feat. Chauncey)


Its called sacrifice, Niggas
do not know the meanin,
Keep ya fam close cause
the enemy be scheming,
I just wanna be free in a
place where I’m dreamin,
Tryna take your blessins
while I’m tryna beat the demons.
No hands out but I’m
telling you to pay me,
Lookin clouy out so
I’m tryna make it rainy,

Throwin hundreds in the sky got you feelin all shady
Like we went to king of diamonds spent a check and it was crazy
I just wanna take the top spot, chillin in a drop top
Sippin on mimosas with my girl while the top rot
GFD for life while these other niggas cropped out
Tellin you the truth this principle has bee opt out
Yeah… And we will go through this together
Since I’ve found you it’s your presence that I’ve treasured
And I just love you so so much it cant be measured
Never leave my side it can be lonely in this desert
Ugh… and I will not take you for granted
Give you everything and more that you’ve demanded
Give it sunlight, water, and some love is what we planted
And turned it to a seed that was forever lasting
Ugh… was that too much to comprehend
Trust and loyalty, I’m just tryna start a trend
Your body mind and soul, I am trying to defend
And if you let me pull you close I swear I just want to attend
Now more than ever I just wanna keep you near
Losin sight of us is one of my many fears
Keeping one thing clear, maybe it is your career
But a nigga’s thinking reckless but never droppin a tear
It’s been many years later we have come so far
If God really exists he couldn’t tear this shit apart
And as cheesy as it sounds that when I’m lookin at the stars
I just hope that this was worth it when the world turns into ours
Out of both of us how could this be predicted
It’s like the stars aligned and the tectonic plates shifted
A phenomenon occurred but my love had never drifted
Now we’re meant to be now wonder why I’m so addicted.
…addicted, so addicted.
To all of these fuckin women
They all tryin to be the Mrs.
And I’m with it… sike I’m just kiddin
Chorus (2X)
We get a six and let it hold us hold us
Remember when we liked soda, oh fuck
Remember when they used to scold us
Now we comin through the speakers like gold dust
The days are getting shorter,
nights are getting colder
My mind is getttin boulder
as my life rests on my shoulders
try to Fight like a soldier
strike like a bowler
But Im feelin kinda split
Like Im the child and the stroller
Cuz The role of a person like me is to Carry the team
But im still learnin how to walk myself, Its scary to me
I mean really if I fall whos gonna be there for me ta
Catch me, bless me, protect me from various demons
Some tell me jesus, I don’t believe um
Cuz those the same people who will love ya then Leave ya
Kyle I think this has something to do with why I hate lisa
And I don’t really understand but for some strange reason
I think back on the days when I would rage with reese and sofia
Squeezin like sixteen people inside of a kia
Mobbin with kara way out to saudi aurora
Feelin the life of the streets exploring like dora
And all of the friends. they came and they went
Moved out of my life but they got a place in my head
I think I love um,,,, and hate um to death
Cuz the love I give um usually turns to pain in the end
So I try to decide who to love and who I should keep
Usually If I matter to them then They matter to me
They tell you not to build up walls, to let your heart be exposed
But I can only take so much the gates are starting to close
Maybe that makes me weak, makes me pathetic
Or maybe you’re just sayin that to me to get to my head its,
Workin, cuz here I am hurtin tryin to figure this out
And even when sure of myself uncertainty lingers around
I guess… we’re all just placin our bets
one way or another we all payin our debts
the strain can depress trtystay at our best
Im struggling too, that’s all Im Sayin I guess