I Did You Wrong (Ft. Chauncey)


Feelin like a loner
and i think i need a cold one
just to get through this
meeting at the corner
early in the morning
open the door get in
had a long night i was on my
make the song right grind
and you know how it goes
did it in spite of the page i
needed to write for my
class thats tomorrow
So I sit down and I buckle up
and theres silence
what the fuck is up
and she's cryin and i try to hug
but she's sighing, and I'm like what
am i supposed to do, Im close to you
but I know I need to focus to
get what i see in every dream
make every scene like 3d Hd
I don't wanna let it burn but i need to work need to earn
need to learn more cuz I yearn for a legacy
I waann hold your hand but i gotta stand by my plan
if i wanna chance to be jammin out do ya see
I need to really grind If I wana shine all the time
see it in my mind but i need to make it real
I really wish I could give you all I should
but i gotta do what i do and i hate to feel like
You think I don't love you
you think i don't trust you
you think i fell through and…
I understand that I am
trying to do my plan
see why you would think that ….
I don't know what it must be like
to see this all through your eyes
and trust me that i feel like…
BUt my biggest fear is
looking in the mirror
in a couple years like
If you can't make friends you'll make enemies
not caring about all that sympathy
pushing out them fake niggas
that never meant a god damn thing to me
You win some and you lose some
just take your time and you'll find out
Hold my hand and have some faith
and I'll walk you straight down the right route
I'm thankful for all my real friends
who accept me for who I am
every thing we go through
they're still there through thick and thin
It's a rarity to find clarity
and through this haziness it's still clear to me
the dream is still obtainable
even in this fucked up industry
Why doubt it, why stress
if you're putting forth your very best
Guaranteed you'll pass the test
and surpass all of the rest
Inspired by these lyrics these rappers put in all they're songs
real hip hop aint gone, it just veered off into the wrong
but its back now and just thank me
I go by the name of chauncey
I go by the name of chauncey
I go by the name of chauncey