Marimba Freestyle


How many lines
How many Times
Have I tryied to rise and fly
Uh Back forth with it
Raps borin when its
Not adored
So now Im with this
Back to the jist
Poundin shit out marimbas
And letting it live
Lettin it fly
Settin my sights
For the rest of the night
on getting this right

Layin it down
letting this music take me now
fuck all the words
how many listenin anyway
getting the message I work for
Hours burned for
am I worth more if I spurn forth
something deep for you
something complex
context says its not text
worth your attention
cuz its rap right …..
Cuz this is supposed to be
that type of…
ass tight
Liquor cash life
In the black type right
which make it basic
so it Aint shit worth praisin right
….Stereo types
maybe I can help to change it
But fuck, How'd I stumble up in this
… with the bucket list sayin …
hit the biggest crowd
spit a lyric loud
Put this music to it
Get the fillin
…Out Of my chest
…. doubting it less
…Now is the test
of Those goals, never
sho, no one they don’t
know, bro they would
so tell me they were
no, gos, but I
go for um like an
idiot probably
thinking of aubrey
is it me possibly
thinking so wrongly
when i
think shes thinking of
Some shit
Like: he wont achieve nothing
Or is that me paintin my fears
On her I don’t know man Im fuckin
Insane But its great
I hit play, and spit flames
And shit maybe Ill make good shit
You know diamonds under this strain
Cuz Everyone 1,that knew this kid
Knew,,, I would do music big
Knew,,,, I would come through with it
… never guessed I’d do it like this
But I like this
Speakin my mind
On the night shift
Leavin it all on the mic its
And makin the beat on the fly its
This combo
Is workin
So turn this
The Fuck Up
My Music
My Verses