New Wave


Chorus (2x):
It’s a Tuesday it’s a Tuesday,
The music bumpin
at the goose play,
I sit inside my little studio, and I try to learn to
ride the new wave
Ride the new wave
ride the new wave,
I'll start again
now on a new page,
I'll get it right
after a few takes,
and I always seem to
think of you babe
Verse 1:
… Livin with a dream
I knew you’d come between I knew you’d never see
… Your mom is textin me
Askin me to check the flights and when I leave
… and a part of me
Wants to call her up and try to tell her everything
Uh but I know that that’s your fam
And you’ll be dealin with them so I Let it be
…Ima take my time with it
…Ima see where Im livin
….In a half a decade when you have to text me
Just to see which flight it is
That you gotta take im in all the states
But you wanna talk you got lots to say
I’ve got songs to play I’ve got bars to lay
I’ve got legacys to build Im not available
Im not saveable
Im not phaseable
Am I breakable
You will cry more
I will lie more
You will guilt me
I will Find Whores (write chords)
To take away the stress and help me relax
Ill get back to you after kick backs
Ill get back at you for the shit that
I think about all night at every shift at
Fucking crepes where my fucking hate
Gets the best of me as I juggle plates
And I must escape but I’m insecure
And these songs I’ve written are they hits for sure
Am I getting better am I writing well
Am I on track and will I Prevail
I don’t know, I don’t know, This a type of hell
But when they ask I say life is well
Chorus (2X):
Verse 2:
I sit with dad and he gits to laughin
And he says I’ve always had the gift of gab
Now I’m skippin class now I’m spittin raps
Now I’m in the lab with the chicken scratch
How many different paths have I backed out of
Did I pick a track that will track out
How many different masks do I have now
How many things I’ve planned will never pan out
Scary thoughts, got my cherry popped
In the mini van, she was fairly hot
and I pretended like, I was someone else
so on summer nights, she’d Unbuckle belts
is that a metaphor for whats set in store
On my rise to greatness will that lesson form
The way I play the game to pave the way to fame
To be labeled great and have you say my name
I used to say Ride the wave right?
….Just don’t get lost at sea
Im always tryna play it right
…how much is that costing me
Im sure that I’ll end up being myself
Ive never been that good at bein someone else
….But I need to leave from this cell where
Im feedin my mental deceit and betrayl
and I swear to god that Im crazy
I got mood swings on the daily
2 oclock im invincible
by 6 oclock I fucking hate me
But I stay breathin try to keep writin
Try to keep grindin try to keep life in order
And Im getting colder but Im gettin older
Will I break the mold or will I break in boulder