Premium Freestyle


Give me the rhythm
and ill do the rest …………
Simplest vision is
hardest to set …………
But this is the shit that
im on till the end
This is the whip and
my throttle is pressed
Finished compositions
now I can vent
Killin um all with the
bombs in my head
And IM locked down
time to drop now,
Listen This a flame that you can not douse,
…Never calm down, never clocked out
… cookin with the fuckin sauce now
This a josh sound business launched now
… employee and the fuckin boss now
… destroying anyone in our town
Get the point and picture nothins cropped out
Nothin stops
Kid of the century
Livin decendants will
Sing of the memory
This is my effigy
Stick to the recipe
Bring out the best in me
…legacy building steady
Shit is heavy Michel angel
Chiselin Destiny
I fill up the verse with acetaline
Hit the lighter then you bitches can rest in peace
and the fire Flows through me …
im the bruce lee of the new beat
un ruly
breakin new ground
young boomi
……Thinkin and plottin
Fillin boxes got it
Down to a science, Lyrical Hawkin
chillin with dawkins
getting to poppin tops in the beamer
stay Drinkin the lagers
(2)Elephant stay relevant
Elegant with my eloquence
You speak with impediments
....In my element
Tell a bitch I aint settlin
I signed with the devil quick
…Payment made, now Im makin
Magic with the deck Im handed david blane
……playin games….Raisin stakes…
Take the pain of what it take to break a leg
and a younger me would’ve questioned
said this a death wish
Bettin Everythin on the premise
Of a set list that’s reckless uh
But Thats my edifice , meddlin on the precipice
President of settin precedents
Light up rooms Edison
sendin it ever since
these hypercritical eyes
the intimate lies
built in our lives
Made me get to devising
writtens at night
Workin in darkness
to get to the light
Pursuin Delicium
This is my medium
Pulse of the beat
Delivers ellysium
….Through the tedium now Im Gassed up
payin extra just to give you the premium