Straight Goonin’


Verse 1:
This year
nothin gonna slow us,
I was the young mother fucker with the bowl cut,
Eatin rice at kikis
shootin kids with bbs,
Lookin for some shit
that I could blow up
Now Im on the scene
making an explosion,
Home made like that m-80 man I been crazy
Den baby I need meds maybe looks like AD...HD
but let me make it clear 1080
I ain't never been the one to be stuck in the crowd (nope)
If I see a locked door, know im bustin it down
….I lead the goon squad and we comin in loud
til the fuckin t’s come that’s when I biggity bounce (Deuces)
but I said if ima do it im not fuckin around
Im Doublin down, I spit it so theres nothing to doubt
I'm runnin this town there ain't nobody touchin me now
I am The One and I’ve Come for the Crown ---Yeah
This the type of great, I been makin since the day
Used to play video games in the basement
Now I kill the fuckin game, In the videos that I take
And the studio’s my new playstation
Now im grown up wreckin shit in boulder
Eatin watermelon while im getting blown up-
put that ass in a comma like lamar odom
This how the world react every time I go up (GOT. DAMN!)
(BOOOM ….. Shinji: "Oh My Fuckin God…. Oh my fuckin god")
Mobbin round the city in the chevy
With that v8 engine from the seventies
Gas milage suck like the dimes in the truck
You know type a girls white as fuckin betty (Oh my Gaaawd)
Kept an eye on the prize like im fetty (Hey)
Always scheming like its ed edd n eddy (ed Edd n EDDY!)
Wave a gfd banner all the girls getting hammered
Pull the camera out she’ll do it for the yeti ( For THE YETI!)
Chorus (2X):
How many times have I gone fucking through it
How many years have I mobbed with the truest
How many Flip Flops ruined
How many friends recruited
All my life I been straight fuckin goonin'
Verse 2:
Now we in the new chevy cruzin
Drinkin all ya boos then we ducin
Apartment number 4 where im rooted
Used to be a student now I speak fluent
You god damn right, walter white, I figured out how to do it
This music Did you really forget who this, Is
Im the prodigy, one you wana be, anamoly
Play in all the keys, OllO be ruthless (Yeah)
Back In the day I used to practice away
In the back of the stage on the instruments
You know Piano and pages of handel and Beethoven
Claps when I played it I was Killin it
Then I got wrapped in this game scribble scratchen away
I’d blacken these pages I was fillin it
Now the tracks getting made, snap when I lay um
Rappin away, paths getting paved Im building it
Out of the Boco Single where im livin (where im livin)
Where I Sleep two feet from the ceilin (From the Ceilin)
Built a studio in the studio
If the land lord see it you know Ima get evicted
I am not esco but it was written
Spittin viscious shit while all my friends on linked in
But im the only one getting down to business (huah!)
I defeat the huns all you get is kisses (AYYYY)
Chorus (1X)
Verse 3:
Yeah now you catch me in the note books all day
Now you smell the coffee brewin from the hall way
Now im cookin up picante with the hot flames
Fuckin simmer sauté, Inferno like im dante
Yeah This is im midas written, messiah designin the diamonds
I spit it timeless no one can fight it A knife in the silence, Ugh
They ridin waves, I have the trident like I am Poseidon
You witnessen the riiiise of a titan
With my brothers from the wake
Fuck the other fakes (Die)
I am in the hustle phase
You cant rush a great (Life)
I just eat a bunch of grapes do a couple takes (Lies)
Ok I do a huned takes Im always runnin late (I)
haven’t really changed, still practicing away
Planning all the days, getting (Clap Claps) when on the stage
Still Laugh with the same homies
Clash with the same phonies
Still takin risks and my
And my dad still afraid fo me (God Damnit Joshua)
Guess you all saw this comin
Whats josh getting into cuz it’s always something
…Since (the days) in the hallways drummin
To the stage that im takin I have always spun
Personality as Potent as a crack hit
mother fuckin savage lookin like alladin (AY)
Now The City on my back call me atlas
All it ever took was a little bit of practice