Thats a No No


Verse 1:
All my life I was a
jittery child,
they always sittin me down,
They always bitch at me loud with their
ugly bickering mouths,
Spreadin misery round,
tryin to rip me from clouds,
They couldn’t figure me out,
they couldn’t get me to bow,
and Im still at it ….
flow with it illmatic
you choking im still gaspin
the cold…. still passin
through my lungs, I run
till my blood
pumpin like acid….
Im alien, you pay me when
Im bumpin and rappin uh…yeah
I pull more hat tricks than yo average
they call me head goon Im hung fat dick
IM a lot to handle like fuckin a fat bitch
Them chicks that down loads quick like dat piff
…This the model now
All of you talking loud
mis carryin flows
its wonder you droppin out (Droppin Out)
I ace it when I take it
Devilish as satan
You dread this like Jamaicans
But Im high Priest of nice beets
Move to the floor don’t fuck up my white sheets
I Spit raw like the berries on my knees
After we fuck on carpet, don’t notice when I bleed
Chorus (2x):
And if you think im stopping um um that’s a no no (no no )
And if you think you got it Um um that’s a no no
We hit the party in logo then back to boo (Boco)
And if you think its stopping um um that’s a no no
Verse 2:
Straight Out the Venezuelan jungle mango hang from the trees
Smoke is cloggin the sun….and buildins damage the scene
20 stories up in teces where I stand and I breath
And I start to imagine, that’s where I planted the seed
Prophetic if josh said
I cock weapons and blast
(breath) hard lesson to learn
For all of you fuckin bags
Uh I hit it raw I kill um all don’t get involved
And im still spittin fire shout to mr. shaw
You try to bite me, Ill shoot like spike lee
The devilish rebel is better than mike t
When I punch the beat, Im stickin the sickest lines
The holy of flows….come from a sinners mind ya
I punch Harder than Cassius hits
Gladiator im maximus
got Pope Francis
Thinkin Denver the new Nazareth
Oh damn that’s blasphemous
Laugh at the angry catholics
Maddness I am the catalyst
bout as static as static is
Cuz All I do is act reckless
And do lines, get you high off my crack set less
And Snap chat the bitches I have sex with
And motha fuckas always wanna ask questions
Chorus (2x)