Truth Hurts (Ft. Goons)


Things could always be worse so I never complain,
I Hate to see the face of my Fam when they feel pain,
It’s a shame, comin from the grain,
the people share your name
Stained with your blood somehow you’re
the one to blame,
… but how is that
everything’s been givin on a plate and that’s a fact,
A silver spoon including a bib that is in tact,
But who the hell am I to react, to enact,
I made a promise to this pact
And I’ma keep it,…
Share my thoughts with the team never keeping a secret
Even if they won’t believe it
And it’s the truth…Came into the booth,
to tell you you’re the best, and that I thank you
I know its hard when family members involved
Kids no longer saints, these walls fell just like bars
When kisses turn into scars, we lose touch of our stars
But its not your fault this world has many flaws
And if the truth hurts that aint bad…
It’s all this its all that
Just let the ink spill that aint wrong
Just put it down and don’t look
Cause when the sky is glowin true
It’s just me, its us two
And if the truth hurts let it go
Just let it go, let it go
Ugh….Think back on the days when I was pullin hat tricks
Graduated to pullin a top of the class bitch
Now Im exasperated tryin to grasp this rap shit
Im still on that path kid, with the new homie Patrick
…We all just kickin it killin it havin fun missionin
All of us shoot for the stars in our make shift space shifts
And this is that type of a beat that make you wanna sing songs
But we just bouncing the raps back and forth like its ping pong
The Bitches be quick to hop up on the dick tho
Cuz I am the motor mouth runnin smooth with the sick flow
I am the Big bro, Shout out to angela Mic Comb
For bein the mom of the group and driven the kids home
Takin a chance on this flow like ive got the juice (JUICE)
Makin a case for success and Ive got the proof
Bitches are mixin in they drinks with a spike of the goose
Then We just…. sippin and hangin like we tied up a noose
Distant memories of the lost friends and old chichs
Theres times you gotta bend before you can light up GLOW STICK
4 years later ive learned a bit and I know this
Im the type who isn’t goin home til he goes big
And Ive been goin bout livin like ive got nothing to loose
But I still remain driven cuz Ive got (that) something to prove
Now the bitches start to whisper when I come in the room
I Put My Faith In my Self , and put my Trust in the truth
Rafaela Phone interlude:
***So what the fuck have I done?
What is the shit that we did so bad for them to do this to us
Slapping us in the face like we’re gonna live forever, sure.
You know, if they were to be more considerate with us No joda.
But whatever Joshua I love you I know you have your own worries
And stuff like that and I’m sorry about loading you with all this
But um, I’ll see you tomorrow.
As I lay up in my bed, I get up in my head
Are my decisions all correct
Talent and rhythm are not how I was blessed
So I’m working harder than the rest
To do what I do now I would never have guessed
That It was a possibility
Workin on these verses Man it is the biggest thrill to me
Don’t care If I get famous, Don’t care if no one pays us
If you’re in it for the money, That shit’s too funny
Cause man theres better ways if you’re just tryin to get paid
But to rap and feel proud, that feelin’s so profound
I been workin for two years and I think I found my sound
But it just keeps on evolving like a monster in my pocket
GFD You cannot stop it dedication’s where were strongest
As we go forth and demolish, all the records set before us
Man the future looks so gorgeous cause we know theres nothing for us
Till go go out there and make it so I’ma head out there and make it
So I’ma head out there and make it.