Diamond (Prod. Genta Tamashiro)

Diamond (Prod. G. Tamashiro)


Wave, I find my way
I ride my wave
I write my fate in pencil
Wave, I find my way
I ride my wave
I write my fate in pencil
OLLO Verse 1:
Lookin out in the evening
I see the grey skies
wind is startin to pick up now in the fadin light
Theres a static that’s in the air as the clouds thicken
Forshadowing storm gallows and ragin tides
...turbulence and then out of nowhere the waves grew
skies darken and ocean turning grave blue
I learned to anchor my ship and go to a safe harbor
..prep for moment that I get caught in insane waters
….seen enough to know turbulence in the storm
Can be murderous if youre burdened and not secure in a port
I see the signs so I know to get organized
….prioritize my mind im keeping it Fortified
Conversations with parents we’re tryin to get better
Control emotions in tryin times, and death pressure
…Learn to separate all our thoughts from our hearts
been Meditatin on marcus aurelieus from the start
I got
voice messages on my seven from lake palmer
resource that I needed to make the wake calmer
And like the rest of my life I stand on the precipice
…with no one to really guide or tell me whats next in this
…..getting used to uncertainty and takin the wheel and
handlin all the responsibility laid on a leader
….I value pressure and I can feel it all crystallizing
…Its just a tool that I’ll use to turn all of this to diamond
OLLO Verse 2:
Nothing good or bad its thinking that makes it so
collect quotes and Find solace in Shakespeare im only
tryin to be true to myself and sure I rap it clear over This
Beautiful beat, made by genta tamashiro
Reminiscin on walkin with him and Aubrey,
Through the city of Chicago with a little rain falling
and It was his birthday, we wanted to celebrate
him and the memories and the friends of our yesterdays
IN the face of adversity all my fear cowers
We order drinks, manhattans on top of sears tower
over priced and even though I was tight on money
I still insisted that I was the one to buy
…..I can see the pain and the happiness in his eyes now
hear it in the beat he created some where in chitown
don’t really know him but I feel a side of his soul
and all I want to do is help him smile in the cold