The Truth (Ft. Yung Kas)

The Truth (Ft. Yung Kas)
Album: Mobilize 


Yung Kas:
Damn I still got it after all these years, No practice, nag I practice a little bit.
It’s yung,
On the track
Josh and I go way back
To the days when
life was simply amaze.
I’m searching for a mage
that could turn us
into clay And chip away
at the hate, sculpt us into something great
I’m reminiscin’ bout the days of my old ass ways
Little spaz ass kid with a crazy ass fade
Now I wonder where My life is headed
I’m on my way up, Tryin’ to stay up
Cause the state of the world is pretty pathetic
I’m dread headed whole heartedly
The nicest guy I let it be
…I’m in the lowest key,
you ain’t heard a sound from me
Workin’ on my craft you see I had to take some time out
been feelin’ so daf every time
I have to hide away
I’m tryin to find a way
I’ma fly away one day
But today’s the day to be different
Go ‘head and make a change
Too many lames, shit not enough names
Don't need to take you there to show you
Don't need to see your face to know you
Don't need to leave my place to know the way that I'll go
(now tell um bout the Truth)
You see I...
I'm building beats and Revenue
Chet Baker voice I never knew
Don't need to leave my place to know the way that I'll Go
(Yeah, that's OLLO)
Yeah I’m a vessel for creation, Nestled in the basement
Read and workout every evening, Then I write the track and lay it
The Girl I’m with her mom’s A White woman with the pursed lips
Said she wants to hear, so here’s a verse without the curses yeah
I’m thinking of cul-de-sacs and barbeques in back yards
…and Latin Food and Hot sauce straight out the glass jar
and Fresh fruit and fathers thinking they know best
while we loading up our paper plates so full they start to bend
because our hunger never satisfied, appetite is growing
yeah eman is 6’7 had to raise the microphone
we speak it Melodious you can tell I aint the only one
that Grew up playin django, Charlie parker, and thelonious Monk
we have boldly begun, We both the lonliest sons
My Mom’s a Venezuelan his Mom’s a Dominican
That’s where we get the soul to rhyme on beat
Over type of keys you’d hear on 89.3 like
Chorus (2X)
Outro Yung Kas:
Damn, I still got it after all these years. No practice.
Nah, I practice...