OLLO & The Creators Podcast | Ep. 16

Episode 16: Yung Kas

Yung, aka EMAN, is a Jazz and bossa Musician. Versed in Guitar, bass, and venturing into singing and lyricism, Yung brings a colorful perspective to every riff and progression in his performances. With Grenadian and Dominican cultural roots as deep as his voice, Eman chronicles his journey into music, talks about the necessity of low points to pursue fulfillment, becoming a super saiyan, and the difference between writing and typing.
16:20 -“I was going for something that I didn’t really wanna go for at first for college. And then I had to take a year off and reflect on what actually do I want my life to be. And so I was like, ‘I gotta go to school for music’ because that’s what I love. Music has always been a part of me; it runs in my veins.”