OLLO & The Creators Podcast | Ep. 10

Episode 10: Caleb Sommer

Caleb is the Creator & Owner of Project Rise Fitness. An avid competitor and pureblooded entrepreneur, Caleb has been running Rise for 4 years, boasting a community of over 200 members. We delve into the unique story of his upbringing, the first seeds of entrepreneurialism, cultivating fulfillment, pigs and sheep, conquering fears, China, laser beams, and the important distinction between being happy and being content.
42:08 -"I started coaching at 22, left at 24 […] I felt very Capable of [Running a Gym] on my own, which was completely accurate, knew that I could do it on my own, then I started thinking logistically ‘How do I do it on my own. Wrote a business plan, met with a lawyer, made sure I was doing everything correctly while I was still employed, and then started talking with members […] some of my clients saying ‘hey this is what I’m thinking about doing are you interested in investing.’ And, um, it’s really cool. I had put together a business plan, put together a proposal, set up a time, it was hilarious because I coached class and then we all left and went over to a Panera […] and I pitched my position; my business opportunity. 37 people showed up, I gave a pitch to them, probably wearing gym shorts, and out of the 37 that showed up 35 wanted to invest, and then I dwindled that down to 2…"