OLLO & The Creators Podcast | Ep. 8

Episode 8: Red Webster

Red is a comedian and an ornithologist living in Denver, CO. A keen observationalist in nature, philosophy and comedy, Red talks about his childhood growing up in Colorado springs, his process of writing jokes, looking to people for inspiration, taking note of exchanges, his Bird of the Day page on Instagram, his feelings about astrology, and his plans to be living in Spain in 15 years.
27:00-“That Spiderman quote is bullshit, like 'With great power comes great responsibility’ no, with great responsibility comes great stress. I mean I guess Spiderman was really stressed. Fuck you Uncle Ben you should have just said that. Maybe he was going to but then he died. […] A lot of people just cant be happy where they’re at. Where is, I like to look around and just appreciate Doing what I love, man.