OLLO & The Creators Podcast | Ep. 4

Episode 4: Stefan Rodriguez

Stefan is a freelance photographer and car enthusiast. A devoted entrepreneur and artist, Stefan tells the story of his love affair with photography, talks about the 3 distinct steps he takes to create a perfect image, his meticulous process of editing, and the pre-planning and pre-production that is crucial to the creation of each picture. Stefan  lives in Fort collins, Colorado and is working full-time as a photographer.
23:08- "I never really want to settle into a comfort zone. I’m in this very crucial point in my life right now where, I have a full time job. It's salary it's very comfortable, and nice, but it’s not fulfilling to me personally because it's not where I want to be in a year. So I have plans to move to a different city and focus 110 percent on my... I don’t want to limit to photography, on my art."