OLLO & The Creators Podcast | Ep. 14

Episode 14: Aimee Scott

Aimee a licensed esthetician and the CEO Of Bloom Co., a skin care salon specializing in male and female body waxing, facials and lash enhancement. A hands-on and personable business woman, Aimee talks about self reliance, the culture of entrepreneurship in her family, being raised by a single mother, independence vs. uncertainty, her background in visual arts, and finding fulfillment in work.
9:10 –“The first thing that I did was start with naming my company. I love the visual aspect of a flower; things in bloom, but I also liked the other connotations with that word as well. I wanted to really take hold of the feeling I wanted to achieve in my space before I thought of logistically what I needed to do to actually make it happen. […] It’s important to establish what core values you want. Everything is a choice, you choose how you portray yourself and your business to others, and I think you need to be true to that.”