OLLO & The Creators Podcast | Ep. 17

Episode 17: Thomas Garnick

Thomas is the Creator & Owner of Brava Pizza, a Neapolitan pizzeria serving some of the most delicious Pies in the state. We talk about his upbringing in Gillette, Wyoming, how he came to discover his affinity for business, his time in the Navy, the perils of manning submarines in the pacific ocean, the beginnings of Brava, his compelling philosophy of pizza and the fire behind his vision for the future of his business.
107:48 –“I feel that wood fired pizza is the story of us. It’s the story of me and you. Because if you look at the fundamental elements of what’s happening with pizza, it’s being cooked with wood; it’s being cooked with fire, which is one of the catalysts that transformed humanity. It’s being cooked with grain which is another catalyst, and its bringing community together. […] And that’s fundamentally what makes us human.