OLLO & The Creators Podcast | Ep. 9

Episode 9: APOXIA

APOXIA is a producer, singer-song writer, and personal trainer. A Passionate advocate for decreasing the stigma of mental illness, APOXIA, aka Zach, tells about his personal journey of creation, the intricacies of audio engineering, defining music using limited terms of genres, the themes of colors, his cats in his apartment, translating emotion in art, storytelling in an electronic medium, and the importance of dark and light in creation.
21:45- “I’ve been struggling since I was a kid with depression and anxiety, and I feel like that definitely translates a lot into my music. And that’s why I kind of have that light and dark side to the sound. "Falling Fast" Most of the album is kind of like this very ethereal light hearted sound and I find that when I’m not feeling great or when I’m really down, it’s easier to create that style of music, kind of create something that sounds a little bit more cheerful […] and then when I’m really happy and I feel great its way easier to make darker stuff. And so it’s interesting to have, especially in my head, that contrasting light and dark with happy and sad.”