OLLO & The Creators Podcast | Ep. 11

Episode 11: Kendall Rose

Kendall is a visual artist, painter and creative. Manifesting moments in nature with an abstract perspective, Kendall has cultivated her own distinct style over years of practice, garnering commissions from businesses, families, and all manner of patrons in Colorado and the midwest. The painter of the White Creation mural in Chariot studio talks about her love of rocks, the importance of flow, not being defined by one genre of art, Carpe Diem, and becoming a water bender and avatar.
19:45 –“nature has this way of being calming, but also disrupting, and has all these qualities that I feel like the human emotions go through, too. So, for me to translate what happens in my life in a way that’s healthy for me I use nature to interpret those things. That’s why I choose to paint those things for myself, and in the paintings themselves. They become abstracted moments in nature."