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Ever since middle school, when the teachers had to take away his chair because he wouldn’t sit still, OllO (née Josh Coffey) has been bucking the system at every opportunity. Borne out of classical roots, even in his youth OLLO rose out of the crowd, establishing himself as a creative force among the musical community at his Denver arts school. After four years in college spent soul-searching and cultivating a love affair with language, OLLO’s background in instrumentals and percussion let him sidestep smoothly into the rap scene. His semi-autobiographical breakout album Soliloquy, recorded in a studio he built in his backyard with his own hands, bounces between introspective examination of his journey as an artist and assertion of his mission statement. As the pivotal impetus behind a growing group of creators from his past, OllO hopes to reinvent not only himself, but the creative community. His next album comes out early 2019.
-Brendan Craine