Beer 3: Honey Orange Tripel

Belgian Style Ale Brewed with wild African honey & fresh ground Seville orange peel.

Rating: 9/10
ABV: 10.0%
Price: $14.00 (6 pack)

Hell yes. Strong, smooth, not harsh. Needs to be FREEZING for best taste, gets too fruity, too rich once it warms up. First notes spicy orange sweetness, no real notes of honey detectable. Hayato puts it best: “Tastes like you took a blue moon and dumped some boos into it.” Only reason this doesn’t get a 10/10 (for now) is because you can taste the hangover coming. Will update tomorrow morning to know for sure whether we’ll buy this delicious potentially dangerous brew again. (After First Beer Update: Shit’s got me fucked. Usually after one beer I feel clear headed but I’m currently Litty McSauced. Could be due to lowered tolerance. Stay Tuned.) ((Second Update: Definitely only a tolerance issue. Feel great now. Clear. Just forgot what lit felt like.))(((Third Update: I feel great (Drake Voice) Ready now why wait. – remembered how to be lit again. Cruising. If no hangover tomorrow def. gonna bump this beer up to 10/10.)))