Song 7 | Cadenza

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Songs written, produced, and filmed in one day.

Song 7 Lyrics:

….IM THorwin up bile
Creation is takin its toll….
I slow for a while

Then I get up
And Set up the mics
Finish it if it take
rest of the night

im best under pressure
the stress gives me life
and right now 
I am feeling like death but I rise

The Nauseua is violient
The monster inside of me
Burns and it thrives so I

I pick up the violin
Pick up the violin
Play in the light and

I modify Medelsohn
Serv me well and im
Writtin cadenzas through
Surface of hell

…This is 6 8
….This is Big stakes
…Im a risk Taker
…I make Things Change

I I am the trensetter
see it in motion
none of my process is ever in vain

the people around me Start following
That’s what ollo spell it out all of it pray