Song 15 | Whole Planet

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Song 15 Lyrics:

Got the pure I never cut it but I bleed music
If you fraudin as an artist trust I see through it
Yeah I’m daily on the mic and I Release potent
Now we lit up the inferno but I Keep stoking

used to mob the city streets but now I stay planted
In the studio I built up fuckin bare handed
funny how the a students endin up below average
while the people who can see run the whole planet

Yeah, Takin over no need for luck or endorsers
I got magic the sorcerer elixer is a porters
this is vinny ollo exo recordin its not a Prada
Got the dogs barkin loud yeah in the back of the casa

Yeah I drink the Heat and spit the flame I’m bout to blow up
…..And serenade with all the babes and then I po up
They look at me enchanted, yeah you know when you have it
And the others cant stand it yeah the others cant stand it

Hittin it Every night, every night, im talking tone tones
….Trevor in black and he Playin the Shasta co co
and sittin in white is the legend Mr. mcomb Comb
Mr. Steal yo bitch if the tone of her skin is co co

…..Been makin bangers in the box since that’s a no no
…..Been movin north since he was smokin out in so ho
….. been in the stu with the walls all covered in quotes now
I produce with the marimba and speak the shit that they quote go