Song 19 | Throat Cut

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Song 19 Lyrics:

There is no room for the doubt
I am the truth and the shroud
I am the way and mount
I am the face in the south

Cards are all laid on the desk for me
Ace in the garden with jess it seems
Taste of the carney is left on my toungue
I embrace all the heart of the set I’ve begun

This is more than I could ever imagine
I let it distract me I press on im passin these
The wasters let all of the wasters be blessed
….. in fire I wept for them now I wish death

Vendetta deeper and its shaded in red
I let all emotions go off at head
Carnegie Channeled, I calm and my breath
Breathe life in rhythm give rise to the res

Rise and Float on melody and I choke up yeah
Sharpest blade of heat you slip and I throat cut yeah
Yeah ,,,,,Richness in the colors of my soul
put my lips to bread lover in the cold

I could live like this every day happy yeah
I could kill to this beat and be at pace