Blog 30 | Drowned

Scythe Log: 1087 | I so quickly take for granted all of the pieces in place that allow me to even begin the process of creation, and the process of sharing it. A studio, a home, a phone, a medium to record in, instruments to play, all these tools that are the gateways to meaningful progress in creation. Tools, I rely on so heavily they begin to feel like extremities. They begin to feel like seamless extensions of myself, and of course they need to become seamless so all of my mental strength is focused on the edge work of making something new, not on the process of using the tools I have. But still, its valuable to step back and put in to perspective the abounding fortune I’ve been blessed with to even be in a position to be on the front line of a creative pursuit. For as much soul and spirit as a person may have, it can be drowned so easily by the indomitable current of the world if you don’t mind the waves.