Beer 7: ‘Bout Damn Time IPA

Rating: 7/10
ABV: 7.1
Price: $11.00

For the first IPA on the blog this was surprisingly enjoyable, and I’ll definitely be able to develop a palate for them. Very Fruity aroma, light color, reminiscent of somewhere tropical, hoppy but not bitter. Tastes, again, like if you chewed on a grapefruit peel. Fresh, clean finish.

*****Additional Note*****

It needs to be a rule from now on, no more than 3 beers per session. Having begun this intermittent fasting regimen, and sticking to it religiously, my body cannot handle alcohol at all anymore. I was almost completely out of commission the day after this night. Not good. Schemes need to be schemed. 3 drinks max from now on.

Photo from the evenings Kiki’s visit: